Customer can add one or multiple tags for the products to improve the navigation. The tags will be shown in front end once admin approved.


Our extension lets the customers to add their tags for the products and will be published on frontend upon approval from backend.

  • Customers can create tags for products within that site only if there are registered.

  • Customer can also add product for the existing tag.

  • A product can have many tags, Similarly a tag can have may products.

  • In product detail page there will be a text box for suggesting new tag.

  • Other tag names of the same product displayed just above the text field.

  • There will be side bar in all pages, which display the top 10 tags those are having most customer counts.

  • The tags in the sidebar will be displayed randomly and based on the customers count it's font weight will be varied.

  • All tags page link provided at the end of the sidebar which displays all the tags present in the store.

Product Tags Magento 2

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