The advanced price rule extension will have the ability to set the new regular price for the products.


This extension enhances Magento catalog price rule functionality, which will allow store owners to setup new discount price for all the products based on the website, store and customer groups. The most powerful option in the extension is, store owner can set three level discount option for the products.

1. Apply for all the products in a store.

2. Apply for particular category or subcategory products in a store.

3. Apply for particular product in a store.

Alongside the extension will check the below conditions while applying.

1. If the discount is applied for a particular product then the same will be applicable.

2. If the product doesn't have any discount applied, then it will look up the last level category discount percentage. If the last level category has the discount then the same will be applied to the product.

3. If the product last level category doesn't have any discount amount, then it will look up the respective parent categories. If the parent category has the discount then the same will be applied to the product..

4. If the product categories don’t have any discount, then it will look for the main discount percentage and will apply it accordingly.

5. If there are two rules with same option, then the priority option in the configuration will apply. If both the rules have the same priority, then it will take either one of the price rules and apply the logic.

6. The next version of the extension would be with special price option instead of regular price.

Note: The extension is not compatible with default catalog price rule extension. You have to use either one at a time not the both. You are requested to take a backup of the site before installing the extension.

Advanced Catalog Price Rule

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1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9



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